About IDBY


"I don't believe you!"

Is a bold and unconventional name for a jewelry brand that challenges traditional notions of what jewelry should be. The name is both skeptical and confident, alluding to the actor and director Konstantin Stanislavsky, who famously challenged performers to do better by saying "I don't believe you!", encouraging actors to fully embrace their characters and create a believable experience for the audience.

IDBY logo is a play on a wormhole, which is a tunnel in spacetime fabric. The concept of the brand is both tied to unbelievable nature of the universe and spacetime travel, and the variety of aesthetic eras in human history. The brand offers unique and unconventional pieces that encourage self-expression and creativity, and aims to push the boundaries of traditional jewelry design by building a catalogue of collections that are inspired by a wide variety of eras, both past and future. 
Unlike many other contemporary jewelry brands, IDBY offers conceptually driven pieces inspired by avant-garde art movements, while using high quality materials. IDBY designs combine the experimental nature of high fashion brands with a commitment to ethical supply chains and production, and an emphasis on transparency, especially when it comes to materials used. All pieces are made to last.