Collection: Launch

Launch s/s 2023 collection is a base IDBY collection that introduces signature concepts of the brand. 
Butterfly effect pendant draws on ideas of time/space altering events.
Construction chains present a product type that will continue to be expanded on with each collection. These chains are the only products in the collection that are made from brass instead of silver(still white gold plated to keep the chains from losing their original colour and shine). Silver is too malleable for the intended use of this product, which is to create your own types of accessories by attaching them to each other.

Whirlpool choker is an elegant everyday silver chain that still offers a unique twist on an old classic.
Raindrop threader earrings are a perfect match for the whirlpool choker, and look like raindrops suspended in mid-air. The earrings have stoppers to prevent the chain from slipping and/or being lost. 
Microchip stud earrings are futuristic and blunt, a perfect addition to a masculine ensemble.